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News and USDA Data

A collection/archive of USDA Report data and our post-report comments, as well as featured article by Roach Ag Daily Grain Plan editors and writers.

December USDA Supply & Demand

December 2020 USDA Supply & Demand: USDA cuts bean stocks slightly. Corn left unchanged.

The USDA delivered a typical December WASDE report. They acknowledged the faster than expected pace of domestic crush and raised crush by 15 million bushels. Surprisingly, exports were left unchanged.

U.S. corn estimates were left unchanged.

U.S. wheat imports were reduced by 5 million bushels and exports were increased 10 million bushels, leaving carryout 15 million bushels smaller.

The USDA reduced Argentine corn and beans production by 1 million metric tons each. Brazil production was left unchanged.

After further analysis, this report was a non-event.

Without new bullish fundamental news to support a rally, we could see markets rollover as funds exit winning positions before the end of the year. Get ready for Buy Signals in corn and beans.

Source: USDA, Reuters, StoneX

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