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Who is Roach Ag Marketing?

Roach Ag has been helping to guide row crop producers and livestock growers throughout the U.S. with their ag marketing for over 40 years. Our daily commentary, Sell Signals and Buy signals keep our customers informed and provides them with the insight and strategy they need to increase their revenues. Roach Ag Marketing preserves the confidentiality of our customers by never sharing or selling your business information.


"It’s peace of mind knowing that you’ve got people that know what they’re doing and they’re on your side and you’re part of that team. Give it a serious look"

RandyIndiana Farmer

"I want to thank you for your marketing help via your emails. You have greatly improved my marketing. I thank you for the way you take a stand and actually advise when to make sales using the sell signals and seasonal information. I appreciate your common-sense approach to grain marketing."

MikeIowa Farmer

"We really are helped by those sell signals. It’s time to get off what you’re doing and make your decision today!"

ArleneIllinois Farmer

These testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success; and the continued success and performance of these recommendations is not guaranteed.

How We Help Farmers Make Smart Decisions

We combine our Daily Grain Marketing Plan and its 20-year proven history with customized Grain Marketing solutions through our Consulting and Brokerage experts. Call today to see how we can help you make smarter decisions tomorrow.

I've been a licensed commodity broker since 1973 and have worked with some of the best farming operations in the world.

We have developed an easy to follow, logical marketing system that growers really like.

At Roach Ag. Marketing, we understand your marketing issues on the farm and will help you get better prices selling to the people you already know.

John Roach
John Roach
CEO & Founder

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