How Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. helps farmers make smarter marketing decisions.


Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. offers different levels of service to assist farmers. If you are looking for more of a one-on-one approach, our Consulting services will pair you up with an experienced broker to work with you throughout the marketing year. Our Hedging service is suited for farmers that are also experienced investors and comfortable with more risk. Whatever your need is, Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. can be a trusted partner for your grain marketing.


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Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. offers a personalized service for farmers who would like a simple, easy to follow yet highly personalized marketing plan. Our customers tell us that their close relationship with our trusted professionals helps them make smarter, more profitable and less stressful decisions.

Our Ag Consultants work with each of their customers to design a comprehensive, yet flexible, marketing plan for their farm business. Our consulting service is designed for medium to large farming operations where the logistical and operations aspect of farming consumes large amount of time. Our service focuses on direct assistance with cash grain marketing strategies and decisions. Simply put, we help you decide when to make sales to the buyers you trust while working along a plan assembled by our Advisor and customer.

Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. also provides full-service hedging and trading for those customers who use futures and options to manage price risk. The Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. system can link the careful purchase or selling of futures and options in conjunction with our Sell Signals. End users work with Roach Ag Buy Signals to help manage upside price risk as well. Consulting services provided by Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd, an NFA-registered introducing broker. If you have interest or questions, give us a call.


Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. Hedging services are focused on managing price risk on your farm using your own factors including rents, input values, yield history, equipment costs and hard costs affecting profits on your crops. Our advisors are trained to manage risk in a number of methods depending on your local buyers, basis risk and level of comfort using futures, options, hedge to arrive contracts, cash contracts and or basis contracts. The primary way of doing business is built on meetings with the customer, phone calls , email and at time, webinar’s focused on education and counseling.

Most customers work from a customized plan to manage farm income in conjunction with crop insurance guarantees, break even costs and cash flow requirements. Our advisors work to make sure a plan is executed and adjusted as market conditions always requires.

Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. clears all of its futures and options business through StoneX Financial Inc., FCM Division (formerly INTL FCStone Financial Inc.). StoneX Financial Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, IL and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc.; a publicly traded firm on NASDAQ. The global subsidiaries of StoneX Group Inc. offer multiple products to assist row crop producers and livestock growers in managing their needs.


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